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Advisory capacity on the implementation and monitoring of the Landing Obligation using electronic monitoring equipment with CCTV. The report “Electronic Monitroring in Fisheries Management is now avialble on our Publications page.

Presenter at WWF Poland annual fisheries meeting on “Fisheries and the protection of biodiversity”, 19th November 2015, Gdynia, Poland.

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  • At-Sea Observer Services

    Changeable weather conditions, geographic isolation and frequent use of heavy hauling and lifting equipment all combine to make for a hazardous workplace.
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  • Data Analysis & Reporting

    One of the key elements to a successful project is the data analysis.
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  • Electronic Monitoring

    Since 2009 electronic monitoring of marine fisheries has been one of the main areas of focus for the SeaScope directors.
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  • Project Design & Management

    SeaScope offers a comprehensive Project Design and Management service.
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