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Guy Pasco started his career in fisheries monitoring as a fisheries observer in New Zealand, 2002.

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Guy Pasco started his career in fisheries monitoring as a fisheries observer in New Zealand, 2002. After 2 years of experience collecting data at sea, Guy moved to into the position of fisheries observer officer, planning, co-ordinating and deploying observers into a range of fisheries and taking responsibility for managing the observers whilst on contract and all associated data collected, checking and disseminating to appropriate clients/ agencies.

In 2006 Guy relocated to England to continue working in the fisheries monitoring field as an observer with Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture (Cefas). Guy remained in this role for approximately 3 years before taking a more senior role managing the 3 staff based in, and working out of the port of Scarborough, along with additional short term contracts staff when required.


 With approximately 850 sea-days aboard commercial fishing to date, Guy is fully conversant with the rigours of life at sea, as well as the importance of collecting data that is of the highest quality to ensure it has maximum benefit to fisheries managers, regulators, other users and clients.Whilst with both CEFAS and MMO, Guy was involved with the development and implementation of REM (remote electronic monitoring) systems aboard commercial fishing vessels in support of the proposed discards ban due to come into effect with the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy.

Guy currently leads the field and technical research within SeaScope and was involved in the Sustainable Inshore Fisheries project in Scotland, discard sampling for Cefas, catch monitoring for the ASSIST and Shark Bywatch projects (Cefas), and providing QA services to RevillNation Ltd during shellfish monitoring surveys in relation to offshore renewable energy.  In addition, Guy has also provided technical and seagoing services to Archipelago Marine Research Ltd during EM trials aboard large pelagic vessels.


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    Changeable weather conditions, geographic isolation and frequent use of heavy hauling and lifting equipment all combine to make for a hazardous workplace.
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    Since 2009 electronic monitoring of marine fisheries has been one of the main areas of focus for the SeaScope directors.
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